Many monks (including myself) have made it clear that they are feedback junkies. I would love to see a "Highest Reputations" page. It could break things out into four categories:
  1. Highest average reputations
  2. Highest average reputations on initial nodes (those who post the best questions|ideas (i.e. not responses)
  3. Overall averages for above two categories
  4. Your personal averages in the first two categories
Using this, we may find out that a third level monk has a great posts and be more likely to heed him/her.

This would also allow us to see how we are doing. If the average rep on a post is 5.62 and we're averaging 2.1, we know that we may want to figure out why our posts are not highly regarded.

I suspect that such a page would generate a lot of hits and due to the nature of the query, would probably be hard on the server. Perhaps it could be run once a day/week and have a heading like Highest Reputations as of 18 June 2000.