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Brothers and Sisters,

I'm creating a script that will save certain email attachments and ignore others:

my @attypes= qw(application/gzip application/x-tgz application/zip application/bzip2 ); my ($x, @attachment, $attachment, @attname); SNIP foreach $x (@attypes){ print "x = $x subentity =".$subentity->mime_type."\n"; if ($subentity->mime_type =~ m/$x/i){ $attachment = join "", @{$subentity->body}; push @attachment, $attachment; print $subentity->head->get('Filename')."\n"; if ($subentity->mime_type =~ m/filename="(.*)"/i){ push @attname, $1; last; } }

The prints are for debugging. Question, I can figure our the mime-type but how do I get the filename and the contents of that file?

Thank you,

Neil Watson