(Counterpoint to In defense of criticism by jjhorner)

A lot of newer (and not so newer) monks seem to be suppressing their empathy when giving criticism in this site.

Lately, a lot of posts have been made which are too close to insulting and brusque than I, and many others (I believe), believe warranted.

Everyone, please, take a moment to consider how your response will be interpreted. Don't be only negative because you know the author is wrong, or has forgotten some important (at least to you) element, or has chosen a particular method. Your response may not be (and is usually not) meant to inflame. But, be sure you make valid points that may be helpful.

In short, don't forget the people, with real feelings, who wrote that code you are about to criticize. Don't forget the struggle to attain real programming skill, and the enthusiasm they probably had when posting this new thing just discovered. Make your criticism meaningful, not uselessly negative,