I spent the past few days looking for a good way to implement spamassassin server wide. Most solutions involve creating a .qmail files for all virtual users, but I don't like that. There's qmail-scanner that can use spamassassin to tag messages, but does not stop spam delivery. Local users benefit from /etc/procmailrc, but virtual users cannot.

To make things even worse, I don't want to stop spam, but deliver it to a mailbox that I can review to see if my spamassassin settings are correct.

After hours of searching and not finding anything that did what I want, I hacked up this little script that does exactly what I want. Perl's just the glue that holds things together, but I couldn't find strong glue like this elsewhere.

#!/usr/bin/perl # Server wide spam stopper for qmail, second version. # Meant to be used with qmail-qfilter and spamassassin. # Does not require or use procmail. # Use at your own risk. Sysadmin skills are required. # Made by Juerd Waalboer. # In tcpserver configuration or init.d/qmail # QMAILQUEUE=/path/to/somefilter # # #!/bin/sh # # This is /path/to/somefilter # exec /path/to/qmail-qfilter \ # /path/to/spamc -- \ # /path/to/thisscript -- \ # This Perl script # /path/to/qmail-inject -n use strict; use Sys::Hostname qw(hostname); use Time::HiRes qw(gettimeofday); use Fatal qw(open close link unlink); my $maildir = '/var/spam'; # Maildir to store spam in. my $spam = 0; my $headers = ''; while (<>) { /^$/ and do { $/ = \65536; if ($spam > 0) { my $tph = join '.', time(), "$$\_".(gettimeofday)[1], hostname(); open my $fh, ">$maildir/tmp/$tph"; print $fh $headers, $_; print $fh $_ while <>; close $fh; chmod 0660, "$maildir/tmp/$tph"; link "$maildir/tmp/$tph", "$maildir/new/$tph"; unlink "$maildir/tmp/$tph"; exit 99; # "Succesful", but don't deliver } else { print $headers, $_; print while <>; exit 0; # Deliver it } }; /^X-Spam-Flag: YES/ and $spam++; $headers .= $_; }

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