When the Chatterbox gets long words (normally URLs) it inserts spaces at intervals through the word. The HTML4.0 standard includes a 'soft hyphen' which would be a better option than the space. A soft hyphen is represented by '­'.

Unfortunately, this hyphen has different behaviour in different browsers. Not all of them follow the W3 recomendation at (see 9.3.3). However it would still be a better option than a space.

Some browsers will render the soft-hyphen as a hard-hyphen: It always shows a hyphen at the point where the ­ is inserted. This is incorrect, however it's just as good as a space because all browsers will automagically wrap after a hyphen.

Better browsers who follow the specs will only show the hyphen if it needs to wrap the line at that point. This makes it excellent for inserting into our CB text.

Not sure if your browser works? Well neither am I! If you see a hyphen in the middle of the following line then your browser will always show a hyphen. If nobody has mentioned your browser already, consider replying and letting me know if you get a hyphen or not. Ready for it? OK here comes:
If that looks like This-Is-A-Really-Long-Word then you're getting the hyphens. If it looks like ThisIsAReallyLongWord then you only get hyphens if they're needed.

Other than telling me what your browser does, what do you think of using them in the ChatterBox rather than spaces? It would make things look neater for (most|some) people and I imagine it would be a very simple patch for the pmdevs.

MacOS 9.22, Explorer 5.0 -> always hyphenates.
MacOS 9.22, Opera 6.0 -> hyphenates only when it needs to.