CPAN loving monks,

Perl Monks += TMTOWTDI inspired me to re-post a question that I asked more than a year ago. In addition to following CPAN updates, reading talk slides and the advent calendar, reading other people's top 10 lists is a good way to know which modules are loved.

The original post, Favourite modules March 2002, had my own top 10 in it. It's nice to see how much has changed since then.

So here is my module top 10 for April 2003, again excluding my own modules and pragmata.

  1. B::Deparse
  2. Carp
  3. DBD::SQLite
  4. DBI
  5. File::Find::Rule
  6. IPC::Run
  7. LWP
  8. Regexp::Common
  9. Benchmark
  10. MIME::Lite
And of course CPANPLUS to install them :)

What are your favourite modules?

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