A new system has been devised and proposed to me by a group of users. Here it is:

The changes are (in the order they'll be implemented)

  1. Reduction/Elimination of vote-out bonus:
    Until the user reaches Level 5 (Monk) they receive a bonus for using all of their votes equal to 1/6 of the total number of votes they received. After reaching Level 5, this bonus is removed, and the user receives no special bonus for using all of their votes.
  2. Delay of Posting Bonus:
    Instead of receiving a 1 XP bonus for posting a node, the user receives no special bonus until some other user votes ++ on the node.
  3. Weighted XP Reward for High Node Reputation:
    Average Node reputation is calculated on a seven-day average. This value is referred to as the variable NORM; REP represents the current actual value of any given node's reputation.

    As new votes are cast on a node, a 1 XP bonus or penalty is assigned according to the following odds, ODDS++ being a reward and ODDS-- being a penalty
    if ($REP < $NORM) { $ODDS++ == 1/3; $ODDS-- == 1/3; } elsif ($NORM <= $REP < (2 * $NORM)) { $ODDS++ == 1/2; $ODDS-- == 1/3; } elsif ((2 * $NORM) <= $REP < (3 * $NORM)) { $ODDS++ == 2/3; $ODDS-- == 1/3; } elsif ((3 * $NORM) <= $REP < (4 * $NORM)) { $ODDS++ == 3/4; $ODDS-- == 1/4; } else { $ODDS++ = 1; $ODDS-- = 0; }

The odds for the XP bonus to the voter remains flat, regardless, but is lowered from 1/3 to 1/4.

Lemme know what you think, personally I think it will help to make levels a better indication of site contributions. The reduction/elimination of the voting bonus will prevent users from gaining XP by only voting. Also this change will also hopefully make votes more meaningful because people won't feel compelled to use them up but will use them to in effect say "good job!" or "this is unhelpful, or incorrect." This will make votes more meaningful because people will only vote on posts they think deserve a push in either direction.

Since all of you seem to be happy with the proposed change (mostly) I will begin to implement it.
Done:#1, #2 and #3.

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