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Kutsu (苦 痛): Yet another Jewish Monk.

No longer using perl for work but will still hang around from time to time. Strangely I find this one of the best websites for my current work as well, helps me know the political, economic, ethical, etc...climate of this country and the countries it deals with. PM is an excellent resource for finding informed opinions on these national and/or global issues.


I am an avid martial artist and I'm always willing to discuss that topic. I'm currently focusing on my knife work and overall conditioning.

I've actually met a monk: mr_mischief & Mrs. mr_mischief too.

Cb ramblings

kutsu sees a strange cat playing with a chemistry set and gets behind the blast shield
kutsu doesn't hear a boom but sees the cat has disappeared...goes to look at this strange potion she was brewing and then blows up
<jeffa>silly kitty ... chemistry is for kids!