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Various comments so far:

1.Antirice asked if I can repeat the numbers: Answer is yes: ie.. [ [1,2],[4,2]] is allowed.

2. pzbagel: In mentioning of next if $n =~ /0\d+/;. \d+ was necessary to because I just don't wanted the formed-numbers that begins with 0. Anywhere else 0 in the number is fine. For 2x2 matrix this should work fine.

3. I like Rhose's appraoch as initiated by CountZero.

4. Other apporach:, Start forming matrix starting from the highest divisor.

4. Few other related challanges are

Update: tall_man's answer at Re: Re: Matrix Formation is a good but rather cumborsum attempt. The best answer for 3x3 matrix -> Highest divisor is '44'. I am sure coming up with 4x4 or 15x15 matrix answers would be quite challanging.