I think the voting system was meant to rate nodes, not people. Today I saw a second report of someone noticing all of the their nodes being voted down in rapid succession (each node in turn dropping by 1, strongly suggesting that some individual was casting all of their votes against a person).

I don't know how often this happens (and indeed, can't really prove that it has ever happened). But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't just prevent it.

The easiest way I've come up with is to have the system remember the last node that you voted down on and to prevent you from voting down on nodes from that same monk on your next vote. This would require much more dedication to vote against a person, having to find a node by another monk between each vote. Sure, with the extra work you could still cast 1/2 of your votes against a single person, but the disincentive just might give someone enough pause that they come to their senses before abusing the voting system that way.

(I was "involved" in the first report, though I only voted down a few nodes, searching for the worst nodes from that person as a one-time joke to get them promoted to monk more than twice in the same day. I feel guilty for my involvement now, only a bit for my limited voting down, but very much for my unintentional promotion of the idea that seemed to have resulted in some people voting down even way passed the end of my unfortunate joke.)

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")