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There are quite a number of perl based webservers out there. Ofcourse I'm extremly biased but I'm pretty confident mod_perl does things to Apache that no other programming language does with Apache (besides C ofcourse)

Java might be the hype of the late 1990s and the early 2000 but it's still as slow as hell. It needs LOADS of hardware (which means a dedicated server). Also, Java is extremly bloated (initializing 3 classes to read from a file is just a tad too much of the good stuff for me). Using Servlets/JSPs/WARs in Java makes it even more complicated. If I was an individual or an organisation and I needed some 'dynamic' site but wouldn't want to spend some hard cash on hardware, I would not even consider Java.

For PHP, as far as I know, Zend isn't even a true webserver engine... ofcourse you can (correct|downvote) me if I'm wrong.

Over the past few months, I spend quite a few thousands lines of perl code on mod_perl and I love it. You can do dynamic sites with minimum effort in mod_perl. There are a few template tools that integrate quite nicely and give you the development speed and flexibility, not to mention a rather short development time frame.

Just my biased €0.02

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