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Programmer for last 21 years, alot of PC stuff, some Mac. Mostly pc based RDBMS's and VB-client/server with Oracle. Very tired of all that, so I'm learning Perl for both Linux and Win32 platforms and eagerly apply Perl at work whenever I get the chance (so far server admin stuff)


Officially back to programming. I am now learning VB.Net and ASP.Net. No Perl work in sight, and after a full day of learning .Net I'm not inclined to tinker with Perl right now. Perl skills .....getting rusty....must warn ....others.....


Things I'd like to do

Origins of nick 'RolandGunslinger'

If you've ever read Stephen King's Dark Tower series you'd know. If you haven't... Roland is the central character in SK's dark fantasy epic. I think Roland is more of the kind of person I'd like to be, twirling my sandlewood handled sixshooters whilst chewing on a cigar stub (for some reason it seems appropriate), confidently facing danger, and his fears.

What's with the cow picture? (See above)

Beats me, but I don't look much better than this anyways.

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