Item Description: Exports data from a relational data base as XML

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DBIx::XML_RDB - Perl extension for creating XML from existing DBI datasources. DBIx::XML_RDB comes with the sql2xml tool which simply dumps a table in a database to an XML file.

Why use DBIx::XML_RDB?

Why NOT use DBIx::XML_RDB?


my $xmlout = DBIx::XML_RDB->new($datasource,
              "ODBC", $userid, $password, $dbname) || die "Failed to make new xmlout";
$xmlout->DoSql("select * from MyTable");
print $xmlout->GetData;

Personal Notes

I haven't used DBIx-XML_RDB too often (the first script I wrote with DBI did exactly the same thing!) but it looks like the right tool to generate XML out of a relational table