in reply to Being helpful to a fault?

I just read trough all the replies to see if anyone else's first thought when reading the node you're referring to was the same as my first though. Aristotle and I seem to think alike. Auto loading modules for a plugin system would be pretty valid.

And it also bothers me that people try to "answer the bigger question" without answering the question that was actually asked. It's pretty egotistical to think that what the author of a question is trying to do is only a good idea if you can make sense of it.

You didn't tell the author that you were curious what this would be used for or that you were having a hard time understanding it's application. You said that it made little or no sense and that you would loose your sanity if you had to maintain his script, implying he's a bad programmer because of your lack of open mindedness.

What that really says to me is that anything that you can't grasp a use for MUST be useless. To me that's pretty closed minded and lacks creativity.