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NO I was not trying to get you to solve my problem.

I wrote the HTML myself and was only asking how do I link to it from a different folder

I.E. CGI SCRIPT "Apache2\cgi-bin\script.cgi"
     HTML       "Apache2\data\home.html"
     IMAGES     "Apache2\htdocs\images\image.jpg"
I wanted to know what should I put in the HTML to let me link to the IMAGES from the CGI SCRIPT. I knew that I could simply put in F:\foo\bar\Apache2\htdocs\images\image.jpg but I didn't WANT to do this as, on a remote server I wouldn't have access to the root directory e.g. F:\. I wanted to know how do you go link in the HTML down one directory and up two.


should I just generate the HTML using perl and CGI and maybe HTML::Template. or something like that.

I was just asking for help