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Update: done: The sportiest activity that I do regularly is best categorized as...

What kind of sports do you do?

Please post me if you know about sports that should be added here.

Update 2006 jul 13: removed accidental duplication of all sports between running and swimming. This is the original proposal otherwise, no factual corrections have been made since.

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by Anonymous Monk on Jul 21, 2005 at 16:28 UTC
    Combat sports (karate, kung fu, judo, what is the correct English term for all those) The most commonly used term for those kind of activities is "martial arts".

    The term "combat sports" is typically be used to distinguish certain types of "martial arts" that are focused mostly on for sporting competition, with less focus on how to seriously damage an opponent.

    For example, Judo, which focuses largely on throws and controlled choking techniques, is safe to pratice at full intensity against an stranger in a tournament. It would count as a "combat sport". Some of the older forms of ju-jutsu, with throws designed to break wrists and tear tendons, just aren't as safe to practice that way. The term "combat sport" wouldn't apply to these, since they're not really practiced as a "sport"; there's an element of learning, but certainly not in a context of a full-out competition, for safety reasons.