in reply to Translated PerlMonks FAQ

Apart from making the site language-localized (and who is going to do that?), I don't really see any one solution as being much better than the others. I think that having one page that collects all the languages into which documentation has been translated is the simplest solution. You can then link to language-specific pages, or just keep eveything on one page until the numbers become such that a new page just for that language would be most appropriate.

It would be interesting to know exactly how many pages are available in which languages. That would help me judge the spcific needs better. I think it's pretty much just PT-BR at the moment, with the one Tutorial in German, right?

For the site FAQs, I think a “This document is also available in:” box at the top of the FAQ would be simplest. Is this a problem for anyone?

Damon Allen Davison