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I think there should be a faqlet index for each language that links to the faqlets in the chosen language (if available) next to a link to the faqlet in English (always).

The SDC master plan should allow each question (each line in the index) to be translated into a different lanuage whether the faqlet that answers the question has been translated or not. So you'd have a line in the SDC master plan with the question in a different language but some 'no such' token for which faqlet it should link to.

The faqlet master index would be an English faqlet index with links to the other languages' faqlet indices. The Portuguese faqlet index would list all questions in the same order as the master index. The display of the question should make it clear which case applies for this question/language combination: Not even the question has been translated, Only the question has been translated, The faqlet has been translated (which requires that the question has also been translated), and There isn't even an English answer yet. For example:

where I've included two suggestions for how to handle the completely untranslated case (depending on how you prefer your consistency).

BTW, "pt_BR" is "Portuguese of Brazil", taken from some standard somewhere (locales, I presume). I prefer just "PT" as well. If we get some non-Brazilian Portuguese translators working on FAQs, then I'd prefer that they just work with the Brazilian(s) on making the PT translations work for both camps, similar to what we should do with any issues of the existing English faqlets being confusing to readers from non-U.S.A. English locales.

- tye