It's been a long time since I've had anything worth saying, but I need a bit of advice.

Recently I was in a bad car accident that has left me disabled and out of work for a few months. First thought I had when I got home and typing again was "Great, what a time to update/debug some of the code I've been too busy to work on!". So I sit in front of my machine, pull up a terminal and start a list of what needs to be done. Then, I continue to sit there, scrolling through the code over and over. The problem here, is that I can't get motivated to do anything. I start thinking to myself, who else is going to use this, and why would they? It's probably already been done, and more than likely, it has been done better.

What do you do, when your interest is lost, to spark it again?


Bored and unmotivated in Knoxville

A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking.