package Foo; our @ISA = qw/Grok/; package Bar; our @ISA = qw/Gleeble/; package main; print @Foo::ISA, "\n"; print @Bar::ISA, "\n"; __END__ Grok Gleeble ----------------- Michael Houghton
5412 Lakeford Lane
Bowie, MD 20720
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Work Experience

Over 20 years experience in information technology, including database design, programming and administration, system administration, web site administration, web content development and design, pre-sales and post-sales technical support, and design and implementation of computer-based training materials.

Data Engineer

Develop and maintain database schemas, initial data loads, and related utilities. Maintain documentation, tools. Assist team members with programming tasks and system administration. Provide telephone support to fielded systems.

Provided on-site support in a classified facility administering Sun servers running the Solaris Operating Environment and an XTS-300 Secure Guard system. Also administered Sybase servers (both database and replication) as well as Apache web servers. Developed active web pages that drew data from Sybase servers as well as from other sources. Provided general Unix and Sybase assistance to co-workers. Designed Sybase database for rehosting database application from FOCUS to Sybase environment and wrote numerous SQL stored procedures to support application in new environment.

Worked as part of team that rehosted a FOCUS application from an IBM mainframe environment to a Sun/Solaris environment. Developed FOCUS and shell script code to allow application to function in new environment. Also assisted in necessary modifications to FOCUS code required for rehosting. Implemented further modifications to add new features requested by customer.

Worked on WWS (WWMCCS Information System (WIS) Workstation System) program from pre-award activities through the implementation phase. Assisted in hardware and software design and development. Served as lead analyst on telephone help desk assisting users. Designed and implemented a GUI to system administration functions.

Provided pre-sales and post-sales technical support for SCOMP and XTS-200 secure computing systems that were evaluated at the A1 and B3 levels of trust respectively.

Kinton, Inc. Senior Analyst 1983-1988

Designed and developed interactive computer based training materials and interactive video training using a wide variety of computer systems.

University of Delaware, Office of Computer Based Instruction Junior Applications Programmer/Analyst 1980-1983

Designed and developed interactive computer based training and testing materials on the PLATO system.

Volunteer IT Experience

Society for Creative Anachronism Heraldic database manager 2000-present

Responsible for upkeep of database of heraldic registrations made within the society. Database presently tracks about 70,000 items adding around 300 each month. Responsible for merging and indexing new data, preparing material for publication, and publishing the database on the web. Responsible for providing web-based search tools. Responsible for maintaining a web site using these tools along with parts of the heraldry section of the SCA web site.


B.S., Computer Science, University of Maryland University College, in progress

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