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i'd rather see something like the sample html below. i don't understand the use of an unordered list with anchor tags and hard breaks instead of list items, and i think a table offers more control. note that i added a row header, "Table of Contents." also, i renamed the existing css class and added others, and added a comma-space-hard break after New Notes.

<table class="nnTOC" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <th class="nnTOCtop" name="toc_top"><a href="#toc_top">Table of Conten +ts</a></th> </tr> <tr> <td class="nnTOCbody"> There are <br /> <a href="#toc_New Discussion">5&nbsp;New&nbsp;Discussions</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Questions">21&nbsp;New&nbsp;Questions</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Meditations">1&nbsp;New&nbsp;Meditation</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Patches">5&nbsp;New&nbsp;Patches</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Perl Announcements">1&nbsp;New&nbsp;Perl&nbsp;Announ +cement</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Cool Uses For Perl">1&nbsp;New&nbsp;Cool&nbsp;Use&nb +sp;For&nbsp;Perl</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Code">1&nbsp;New&nbsp;Code</a>, <br /> <a href="#toc_New Notes">234&nbsp;New&nbsp;Notes</a>, <br /> and <a href="#toc_New Users">12&nbsp;New&nbsp;Users</a><br /> not yet reviewed... </table>

here's how it looks:

Table of Contents
There are
5 New Discussions,
21 New Questions,
1 New Meditation,
5 New Patches,
1 New Perl Announcement,
1 New Cool Use For Perl,
1 New Code,
234 New Notes,
and 12 New Users
not yet reviewed...

no css changes are neccessary to view this properly in any browser. with a little css magic, it's possible to make the TOC body appear on fewer lines: <style> .nnTOCbody br { display: none; }</style>

let me know what you think.

~Particle *accelerates*