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It creates the left and right values automatically (I'm the author of DBIx::Tree::NestedSet) when you invoke any method that deletes/moves/adds nodes. What use would the module be if it didn't? Did you even try the code I posted in the other thread you created?

With a nested set you don't need a parent ID: the hierarchy is created via left and right. Managing a parent id is redundant.

Traversing the tree is right in the docs.

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Re^4: Hierarchical Tree Traversal
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 16, 2004 at 01:53 UTC
    I am afraid I am not versed enough in Perl's complex data structures and Object-Oriented programming to fathom how the module would generate right and left ids without using a parent id as a point of comparison! I just had a chance to look at the code and it calls for explicit usage of all the nodes. To be honest with you, I was looking for a quick and dirty way of building the ids without having to specify explicitly what my nodes are. I'll be happy to use your wonderful module if it would allow me to traverse the tree. In fact, now that you confirmed that it was designed for that purpose, I am planning to re-read the docs again and study your code to see how I can traverse the tree programmatically. I really appreciate your time in developing the module and just wish I was bright enough to understand all its capabilities. Please bear with this poor, un-enlightened monk!