Changes were applied today that were announced a while back in Y.A.N.F: Private Message XML Ticker.

Due to popular demand the plans were changed slightly so that hopefully the impact on unchanged clients will be lower. The behaviour is as follows:

Sets the maximum number of records to return. Hard limits are imposed and are subject to change.
Returns nodes later than MSG_ID
Returns nodes prior to this MSG_ID
neither since_id nor prior_to arguments provided
Returns the users 20 most recent messages.
If TYPE is 'both' returns both archived and unarchived messages in one go, if omitted, false or 'no' then return only private messages. If any other true value then returns only archived.
If present then no newlines are added to the messages.
Records are always returned ordered by ascending message_id.

This should allow people to set up clients fairly easily. First fetch with no arguments, then for new material use since_id=MAX_ID and for older stuff use prior_to=MIN_ID. Repeat until you get no records back (or less than max_recs) then the process is finished. Older clients shouldn't break as they will still get the most recent messages, but not all of them every time.


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• Update:  
Minor fixes. Thanks castaway.