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Hi brothers and sisters!

I've got a major problem with wxPerl and PAR.

I try to create a PAR executable that contains a wxPerl program. No problem sofar, but when I try to execute this program on another machine with the same OS but without wxWidgets installed, it crashes because it does not find libwx_gtk.

I understand that, that's because didn't compile wxPerl with --static.

And here the problems start. When I compile wxPerl with --static, every program throws an undefined symbol: boot_Wx__Print at me and dies.

I even understand that, it's because I didn't compile wxWidgets statically.

But after compiling wxWidgets with --disable-shared and wxPerl again with --static, every program gives me undefined symbol: _ZdlPv.

And that's the end of my knowledge.

Some details:

OS:        SuSE 9.1
Kernel:    2.6.5
gcc:       3.3.3
Perl:      5.8.5 (all defaults)
wxWidgets: 2.4.2-gtk
wxPerl:    0.19