As some of you may have noticed, I've been trying to do a bit of research on the past nodes. I've been looking for a number of things, including best practices, specific techniques, and so on.

Would anyone else find it useful to add some options to Super Search? Specifically:

  1. Date Range fields, for locating nodes posted during a set of time. For example, "show me all nodes referring to security in the last two years."

  2. A Posted By field, to locate information posted by a specific user. For example, "find relevent nodes posted by merlyn."

  3. An Ignore Posts By checkbox would return all nodes except those posted by the monk entered into Posted By. For example, "and ignore the ravings of footpad in this search."

  4. An Order By field similar to the one that currently appears in PM User Search. Continuing the example: "and order them by best reputation."

  5. A category field that restricts the search to a specific monastery area, e.g. Snippets, SOPW, etc.

While I hesitate to add anything to vroom's plate, it seems to me that this would help improve the overall research capabilities of Super Search. After all, there is a great deal of useful information buried in various threads and these extensions might make it useful to dig that out.

Thoughts? Reactions? Comments?