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Things have changed a bit since last I was programming in Windows.   :-/   (Has it really been 5 years??) I now find myself porting a Perl program from Linux to Windows XP that wants to output raw text to the printer. I can't figure out how to do it. In the olden days you could just print to LPT1 or PAR1 or some such. Also... it may matter that I am now looking at a printer on USB002.

I *could* rewrite the whole printing section of the current program, but it works fine in its own primitive way and I've got more pressing, more interesting things I'd much rather spend my time on.

SuperSearch and Google have led me to lots of interesting OT reads, but no solution. I'm beginning to doubt my Google-fu. I've brushed up on MODE. I've read the docs on several CPAN Printer modules. I've browsed for "pass-throuth" printer drivers. No help, no joy.

I'm certainly not the first person to want to do this! But how...


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