sometimes and well, it's nothing special, but more theoretical for now and I guess it could be of help, however.

As there already is the very usefull Q&A section it is still quite hard to find answers when you don't know the magic question to ask.

Once thinking about this problem of substitutional terms and conditions I thought of something like a "smart parser" for the questions.

So what I want it to do is simply to give answers if I have a question, but my question isn't like the others before. So the question would seem to be a new one, just because I omitted a word for example.
So I woukld get thousands of answers for an unsharp question or would get no answer cause the question was to specific.

But I believe that out there in the deep of several Q&A and FAQ sections are the most of the answers already.

The job of such "swiss army knife" should include the following:
  1. parsing present Q&A to find related topics/problems
  2. subparsing of questions and answers like a "study"
  3. build indices on correlating word matches, e.g. Network->config->RAS->ISP
  4. study a new question, to prevent users from posting already answered questions
  5. compare question with the indexed ones using thesaurus and alternative language expressions, phrases or constructs, e.g. "How to"<->"(How)? can I"
  6. if no matches found ask to redefine the question or to comfirm that it gets posted
  7. if too many matches found, try to break down to most matching while giving the user the possibility to choose the min. weight of the matched terms
  8. ...?

So far about the rough shadow of some huge cloud above my head. Well you might say it sounds good but is hard to bring to live. I know, but I think we all could gain a lot from such a knowledge central, especially though it can use all places to look up Q&A. In fact this cloud sometimes looks like a small PQAN as something to be to Perlfaq as CPAN is to the modules.

But when I wake up the cloud is gone but it's shadow is still covering my thougts. :-)
So do You know of wheter this was implemented somewhere and how they did or do You have any idea where to start while trying to make such dream come true?

Have a nice day
All decision is left to your taste