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Gretting all.

I trued to use variables in s/// and met following problem: perl interpreter tries to use these variables' values as reg expessions. How can i ommit this?

In general algorythm looks like

my $line = "<a href=\"/{HOST}?action\">123</a>:</b><br>". "[img-smile \"58-41\" \":)\"]"; my $var1 = "<img src=\"1-2.gif\" alt=\"[---]\">"; (my $var2) = $line =~ /(\[img-smile [^]]+\])/; $line =~ s/$var2/$var1/; print $line;

And get Invalid [] range "8-4" in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/[img-smile "58-4 <-- HERE 1..."

P.S. I can't use ' instead of " because of algorytm specific.