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While it looks like you've got a nice solution for this bibliography, you might want to take a look at ParaTools. ParaTools is a suite of Perl libraries used in the eprints self-archiving application that is in heavy use in libraries around the world. I'm not sure if ParaTools will help you, but it might be interesting to look at. It appears they've recently started adding to CPAN as well.

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Re^2: parsing a bibliography
by patrickrock (Beadle) on Dec 06, 2004 at 15:46 UTC
    BrowserUK, Thanks so much for the update with the code commented. I have to admit that I was completely lost in how it worked, but it did work with about a 80% success rate. Given the nature of bibliography's I am incredibly impressed. I really appreciate your help and education. This was a huge leap forward in my understanding of puttting regexes to work. Inkdroid Paracite works like a champ! Great utility that I will be using in the future.