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Why would mainscreen() change its appearance a lot based on where it was called from?

It may or may not change it's appearance. It may very well change what it does underneath based on where it's called from.

For instance, I often create a set of forms for a user to go through to enter data that eventually ends up in a database. I have a second set that allows them to edit that information later. Really, the second set is exactly the same as the first set, just with the existing data pre-filled into the same forms, and we write our SQL to do UPDATE instead of INSERT.

Since they're really the same thing with minor differences, and taking to heart the idea that copy-and-paste is the lowest form of reuse, we'll want to code things so that the same runmodes and templates can be used again.

Certainly, C::A can do this (I've coded it to do just this many times). But I think a different approach (specifically, using polymorphic objects) could be a lot cleaner.

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