I have a challenge for the monastery! My wife is working on a painting that makes reference to Magritte's famous Treason of Images. She requested that I provide her with the phrase "This is not a pipe." in perl.

How many different ways can you come up with to say "This is not a pipe" in syntactically correct perl. While this could take the form of a JAPH, I think that something more along the lines of my suggestions below is what she wants.</>

I'll follow up with a post once she's made up her mind as to what she likes.

My ideas:

/[^|]/; # Is this not a pipe? /^[^|]$/; # Is none of this a pipe? $this neq 'a pipe'; # $this is not 'a pipe' # Prints this is not a pipe. $image = 'this is a pipe'; s/is /is not /g foreach ($image); print $image;
Update! Fixed dumb mistake in examples, thanks to thor.

TGI says moo