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Thanks gods my username changed! On Dec 16, 2007 I was kindly granted a name change from frodo72 to polettix, to make my username match with the one I use almost everywhere else (notably and CPAN).

Flavio Poletti, born in 1972. Graduated as Electronic Engineer in 1997 and Computer Science Engineer in 2007; living in Rome and dealing with Telecommunications (mainly IP & GPRS/UMTS).

Saint on August 5, 2005. Friday.

Useful home nodes

ewijaya Erudil cog

Modules to catch

YAPE::Regex::Explain - should be wonderful! Update: it's wonderful!

Things I've learnt here

This list if by far too tight, I've learnt much more than this :)

Things I've to dig a bit more

This lists only what I know that I've to dig more :)

My poor XP changes

<img src="">


My GnuPg visual fingerprint

<img src="" alt="Visual Fingerprint">

source code patched from that linked in Intrepid's home page. Now a Perl version with a slightly modified feature set is available. Note: Internet Explorer is notoriuos for its inhability to correctly handle PNG alpha channel and transparency. If you see a black background for the image above, you can get a better browser.

Homenode personalisation

To add new items near the image in your homenode, you have to add a bit of HTML for each new line. For example:

</td></tr><tr><td>Homepage: </td><td><a href="" +>PolettiX</a>

Monks I've proudly met (at least I know who they were when I met them :)