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I compiled a list of music I had listened to in the last month or so on my comp. Aside from shoutcast here is what I found.

Electonic/Acid Jazz:
Radiohead, Portishead, Sasha and Digweed, Parks and Wilson, Underworld, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Amon Tobin, Bjork, Mogwai, Hooverphonic, Mono, Lamb, Future sound of London, The Orb, Orbital, Unkle.

Jeff Buckley, Devine Comedy, Tool, Perfect Circle, Failure, Queens of the Stone age, The Black Heart Procession, Remmy Zero, Red Red meat, Chris Cornell, At the Drive In, Supergrass, On, Low, My Morning Jacket, Cake.


Patsy Cline, Jonny Cash, old Tom Waits, Willie Nelson.

Rap/Hip Hop:

Outkast, Nem, Run DMC, Snoop, Luda.


Beethovens 7th, Brahms Symphony #9, Chopin, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak.


Joe Richardson, Billy Holiday, BB King.

Older Stuff:

Mammas and the Pappas, Animals, Bill Withers, Ottis Redding, Simon and garfunkel, Kingston Trio, Beatles.

If anybody would like to recomend some group or another in any genre, PM me and I will check them out. I also encourage those with open minds to check out some of the groups I have listed above. Let me know what you think, even if it is negative.

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