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I'm trying to split an AoA into different entries if individual scalar values are multiline values. (I thought this was called "pivoting", but looking at Data::Pivot suggests I'm wrong). Super Searching on "split multiline array" doesn't seem to reveal much.

What I've tried already doesn't work as intended (it should be pretty obvious what end result I'm looking for) and I don't think I need to know the width of the arrays.

Any help gratefully received. Does anyone know what the technique should be called for a start?

use warnings; use strict; use Data::Dumper; my @AoA = ( [qw/single cell values/], [qw/are really easy/], ["but multiline stilton", "these cells is", "aren't suck great"], [qw/back to life/], [qw/back to reality with more cells/]); #This is where the garbage begins... my @new_rows; my $width = 3; foreach my $row (@AoA) { my @cells = @$row; my @foo = map { split /\n/ } @cells; my $new_row = 0; my $new_row_idx = 0; for(my $idx = 0; $idx<$#foo; $idx++) { if(($idx % $width) == 0) { $new_row++; $new_row_idx = 0; } $new_rows[$new_row][$new_row_idx] = $foo[$idx]; $new_row_idx++; } } print Dumper(\@new_rows);
Update: Forgot to say: here I'm only printing out the attempted newly-created array. I'd prefer to re-create the original array with the split data, with the rows in the correct order

Kids, you tried your hardest, and you failed miserably. The lesson is: Never try.