Hi folks,

I've just ported the Keyword Search superdoc (which will only be visible for pmdev, currently), over from the test site. For those that can't see it, its very similar to the Perl Monks User Search with a dropdown list of all currently used keywords to select from.

Anyway, the purpose of this discussion, is to outline some FAQ which will suggest how people should go about tagging nodes, such that useful searching is possible. I've been doing some tagging of my own already, but for global use this needs to be documented.

My suggestion for this would be something like:

The doc also needs to mention that keyword deletion can be done by editors^Wjanitors, and a consideration/editor request/msg can be used to accomplish such.

Also I'm wondering if we shouldn't have a "tagging group" who will put official tags on things, so the search can either search "official" tags, and "everything else" (Can be accomplished by adding a column to the keyword table for the user_id, where the id==tagging group for members of that group).

Please add your ideas about the documentation to this discussion, thanks.