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Interesting. I knew that some builtins, like pos and keys, can be lvalues, but not that arguments to subs were. Come to think of it, I can't even say that I know what the expression "arguments to subs are lvalues" means. How is the argument in sleep( 3 ) an lvalue?

Be that as it may, where can I learn more about this sub-args-as-lvalues thing? I can't find documentation for it.

I agree that it is nice that being in an "lvalue context" induces autovivification, but I don't see the utility of regarding the arguments to a subroutine as lvalues. Granted, in some cases, like substr, the first argument can be thought of as being in an "lvalue context". Sort of. After a few drinks. But this seems too special a situation to warrant turning the arguments to a function into an "lvalue context".

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