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Fellow monks,

I am trying to accomplish the following : Say I have a file called info.txt :
Line1 : Dit is de eerste regel Line2 : Dit is de tweede regel Line3 : Dit is de derde regel Line4 : Dit is de vierde regel

I have slurped this into a scalar called $contents using open and my $contents = join('', <FILE>). This all works right.

My objective is then to create a regular expression that captures what comes after "Line3 :" until the end of that line, so basically until it meets a newline after that.
I have tried several things for quite a while now and don't seem to be getting closer. The greedy .* operator seems to get me the closest but sunce I have to ignore newlines using the /s flag I can't get this to work.

I would be grateful for any help.... knowing PM I will be getting a "D'oh why didn't I think of that" answer ;-)

-- jkva