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I'm pretty sold on the OO approach, but there are a few additional wrinkles I neglected to mention. I agree that having a perl-based config file is very handy and easy to use. When we do so, we typically want to use info from the machine config inside the app-specific config file. So...

# In my cgi script... use My::Config; my $config = My::Config->new(project => 'GuestBook'); require $config->get('config_path') . ""; # Now, inside, what's the best way to get at the config # object if I want to use some of the methods? # Just create another new object? It seems wrong to do it again, # but I suppose the overhead # is probably trivial. # Inside package My::App; use My::Config; our $config = My::Config->new(project => 'GuestBook'); if ( $config->get('env_dev') ){ # We're in dev, so set the dev passwords. } # etc.

Now, how do you feel about then using the $config object as a package variable to access it in other code that is part of the framework but outside the scope of the original script? Using the code above, I could then do this, right?

package My::App::Page; my $db_password = $My::App::config->get('db_password');