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When I start cpan (win32, perl5.8.4), perl consumes about 12MB.
When I issue "m Tie::PureDB", memory consumption climbs to 56MB.
If I issue "reload index", memory consumption climbs to 80MB.
04/17/2006 12:44 AM 113,646 01mailrc.txt.gz 04/17/2006 12:47 AM 437,330 02packages.details.txt.gz 04/17/2006 12:50 AM 114,181 ================================== 04/16/2006 03:35 PM 283,775 01mailrc.txt 04/16/2006 10:58 AM 3,003,067 02packages.details.txt 04/16/2006 07:04 PM 396,897
and creating a giant data structure out of all this data, can consume quite a bit of memory.

You need to examine the following (and probably other) CPAN settings (and their CPANPLUS equivalents, if any): build_cache, cache_metadata, dontload_hash.

update: Looks like my loose sugestion on the CPAN settings probably isn't very useful :(
#4943: CPAN module too memory intensive

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