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I think your reasons for not discussing people is not only paranoid but wrong. Without people there is no Perl. I can understand not wanting to cause a flamewar talking about someone but thats life; if someone cannot control themselves when talking about others that will probably extends into other parts of their life as well.

Focusing upon Perl does not make them a better or a more rounded person you are just ignoring them in other ways in the hope of not offending anyone. Think about the people involved, Larry Wall, Damain Conway, chromatic... They are here, and while not always visible, they do help contribute and guide the community. They are what make Perl fun and I find them infinitely more interesting. Perl is just the reason people got together; it is not the reason we keep coming back.

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Re^3: Sharing all your experiences about other users
by blazar (Canon) on May 04, 2006 at 15:42 UTC

    If you read some other posts of mine, e.g. (Homenodes and) where to post OT stuff?, you'll note that I'm well aware that "without people there is no Perl", which is the reason why I did firmly disagree with those that insist on the fact that "PM is for discussing perl and only perl". Of course too high a ratio offtopic/ontopic would be unacceptable, and the threshold is a personal matter, but without discussions that slip from perl to OT content, this forum, like everything else, would be much more boring a place.

    So I'm favourable to occasionally discuss people on PM. But that depends on whether the need to do so arises.