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Here's an explanation of this poll for non-native english speakers. I'm hiding it into <spoiler> tags since I don't know if it's general knowledge or, on the contrary, everybody is expected to scratch his/her head to get it. If I get some /msg's telling me it's ok to remove the tags, I'll edit this node accordingly. Update: <spoiler> tags removed, since this is now a past poll.

For non-native english speakers, like me, this poll won't make any sense at all. Puzzled, I engaged into some googling and finally managed to join enough pieces together to understand it. It's about "Jabberwocky", a nonsense-verse poem written by Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". You can find out more here [] and here []. Hope this helps you cast a sensible vote :^).

David Serrano