in reply to Is There A Palm Beach Butterfly Ballot Problem at Perlmonks?

Form elements are stripped from nodes so to see a minor modification that removes localized confusion go to my home node (for the next few days).

I put each label adjacent to its own button and the neighbor's label so that no label is adjacent to its neighbor's button.

Note that I changed the lable on the "null vote" option from "+=0" to "no vote" since one day I'd like to see an "abstain" option that acts like a vote in that it uses up one of your votes, lets you see the rep of the node, and prevents you from voting on that node in the future, but that is different in that it doesn't change the node's rep, and has no chance of giving you (or the node's author) XP.

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")