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Last update: Apr 01, 2020 at 15:10 UTC
[Discipulus]Discipulus fall asleep.. but probably is now awake
[Discipulus]i wonder if the fish is associated with april 1st outside Eataly
[choroba]Definitely not here
[choroba]Why is that?
[Eily]Discipulus in francophonie yes
[Eily]Fish on lockdown
[Eily]this one works as well
[Eily]choroba In French April fools translates as "poisson d'avril", litteraly April fish
[Discipulus]in Eataly is 'pesce d'aprile' for April Fool
[Eily]the 1st of April is the only day where poisson kind of means prank in French :P
[Eily]Discipulus do you try to stick paper fishes in peoples back without them noticing?
[Your Mother]Now I understand a confusing post a friend of mine in France put on FB… paper fishes on backs.
[choroba]But do you have any idea why its like that? How did it start?
[Eily]nope, and wikipedia doesn't help
[Eily](French wikipedia has 3 possibles origins, but they're just speculations)
[Discipulus]yes Eily, but once, when my company was smaller, i attached small paper fishes on the optical part of all mouses of all technicians inmy floor ;)
[Discipulus]Eatalian wiki page has some specultion too
[Your Mother]Discipulus, all the old mouse fish gambit. :P