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This is more of an answer to - why don't Perl programmers apply for jobs. Well, more a case of why I'm a Perl programmer but don't apply for Perl jobs (right now).

At the moment i'm employed but I've had to spend the last two years doing .NET. I may have 10 years experience of Perl but I'm only coming back into it in a more full time role. At work, I'm also a team of one which makes things hard at interviews.

This always makes me hesitant in applying for Perl jobs atm. Especially as I have just moved house and so can't move again. Most of the telecommute jobs I see are for the US and, while tempted, I can't bring myself to close off my day job in case things *go wrong*. Too many bills to pay.

I'd love to have a telecommute job for a well known company and be in more control of my day. Things just aren't right for me to take the plunge.

My only recourse, atm, is to work on a colo with a friend. I'm hoping that will reinvigorate the *Nix and Perl muscles and give me back some much needed experience. Especially from the Admin point of view (I don't get to do any of it at work).