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Socks and sandals are for two types of people: old men with metal detectors on Miami Beach, and smarter-than-thou socialists whose income depends, in some way, on a government grant. Both of these groups think my family is really goofy because we paint small blue or white horseshoes on our faces when we go to Colts games. We are, but wearing crud-gathering foot covers with shoes that are designed to expose the feet is ... bizarre.

Sorry if this seems harsh, I'm sort of a reverse foot fetishist. I don't like feet, and wearing socks with sandals seems to be some sort of weird denial that I'd really rather not think about.

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Re^2: Socks with Sandals:
by jhourcle (Prior) on Apr 24, 2007 at 17:37 UTC

    I'm trying to figure out where my workmate fits in -- he ALWAYS wears sandals. (well, there was a week when he didn't last year ... we're still not sure what that was about). But in the winter, it gets cold, and he wears socks, too.

    And most of the folks i've seen wearing socks w/ sandals were middle-aged tourists in the DC area. (I worked at the Pentagon for a few summers (early 90s), and more often than not, each tour group had at least one of 'em.... and about even odds on them having a kid wearing a brand new 'Hard Rock Cafe' t-shirt)