vote on The most important near-term goal of a space program:

Establish permanent human colonies
[bar] 101/20%
Reduce the cost of putting things in space
[bar] 125/24%
Basic research
[bar] 41/8%
Search for extra-terrestrial life
[bar] 14/3%
Improve communications
[bar] 16/3%
Space tourism
[bar] 15/3%
Asteroid mining
[bar] 11/2%
Power generation
[bar] 28/5%
Zero-G manufacturing
[bar] 10/2%
Waste disposal
[bar] 12/2%
Shoot down ICBMs
[bar] 10/2%
Visit other planets
[bar] 13/3%
Fight the Daleks
[bar] 97/19%
[bar] 20/4%
513 total votes

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