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Completely agreeing and pointing out so to underline the nice way into which you put this concept, which is often implicit!
Actually, I merely rephrased that. I can't recall whom I cite it from and the exact word per word.
I'm not really sure if I understand what you mean. You are aware that in Perl 5 Foo::Bar::Baz bears no relationship to Foo::Bar, arent' you? What do you mean with "nested"?
Yes I am aware. That's just what I exactly meant by "nested", I can have Foo::Bar and Foo::Bar::Baz instead of Foo_Bar and Foo_Bar_Baz (no nested here). I didn't indicate anything between 'nested package name' and 'package relationship'. It's clear that Foo_Bar or Foo_Bar_Baz or CGI_Application_Plugin_Authentication_Driver_DBI are all under the same namespace, while Bar is under Foo and Baz is under Foo::Bar. But I do take advantage that I can arrange some classes/packages stucture within a suite of modules.
Oh, inimitable but not unimprovable. Indeed Rules smell like they will be impressive. More power and more clarity at the same time!
Thanks for the correction :-) That was not a typo, it was a mispell.
"Statement modifiers."
Thank you, it's indeed in perlsyn.
Do you really see that as particularly perlish? I'm currently a Perl-only kinda guy, but I would rather qualify it as quality typical of most modern enough programming languages that are serious about themselves...
At least based on my limited knowledge about other languages. I consider it as Perl's strength in providing high-granular variable scoping: file, package, block, inner-block, inner-inner-block, etc.

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