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Hello venerable monks,

I am going crazy trying to find a directory selection dialog for Perl on Windows (using Tk or Win32) which has the following characteristics:

* Must allow users to select directories (this rules out getOpenFile)

* Must allow users to create a new directory (this rules out most of the other Tk widgets, and also Win32::FileOp::BrowseForFolder)

* Must actually work with recent Tk (this rules out Tk::FileDialog. Sadly, the "replacement" Tk::JFileDialog loses the ability to create a new directory...)

* Should look reasonably nice on Windows XP (this rules out the *horrible* DirSelect widget, which my users will have no idea how to use)

I have failed to find *anything* that fits the bill!

The ideal solution would be an implementation of getOpenFile which allows the selection of directories.

Is there such a thing? Or anything that would work?