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A core philosophy of Perl is that there isn't always just one way to solve a problem. A solution must match the problem and the person solving it. Some problems lend themselves well to a functional approach and if you're MJD, you might well choose a functional solution. But if you've only ever programmed in BASIC, you may well choose a different solution. And that's okay because nobody is expected to know everything.

When viewed in that light, your two examples become "meaningless". There are tons of modules dealing with object oriented stuff on CPAN because different people have different affinities for different object models. Perl doesn't need these modules, but they are there for those who would find them useful. Same for your SQL example. If someone who knows SQL wouldn't appreciate those modules, then consider that they may be for people who don't know SQL as well as an SQL-guru.

Or, put another way, if someone were to write many modules for Ruby that mimic all of the Perl modules you disdain and put them on rubyforge, would that somehow detract from the value of Ruby as a language?

Let go of your ego a little bit.