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Hi all,

I have a Apache2::SOAP system working all fine and dandy, and now I want to add in a custom serializer and I'm having a total brainfart as to where to actually add it. The standalone server example (following) does what I want, but I can't actually see where I'd add in the equivalent of the ->serializer() line in a Apache2::SOAP setup:

my $daemon = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon ->new( LocalAddr => 'localhost', LocalPort => 8080, Re +use => 1 ) ->serializer(My::Serializer->new) ->dispatch_to('My::Server'); BEGIN { package My::Serializer; @My::Serializer::ISA = 'SOAP::Serializer'; sub envelope { $_[2] = (SOAP::Data->name($_[2]) ->prefix('foo') ->uri('') ) if $_[1] =~ /^(?:method|response)$/; shift->SUPER::envelope(@_); } }

The dispatch_to line in the appropriate httpd.conf section? Somewhere else? Any pointers would be very gratefully accepted.